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L.A. Egg Donors prides itself by being the #1 egg donation program in the USA. As ranked by the CDC with the highest success rates in the nation, we have assisted couples and individuals in need of an egg donor, domestically as well as internationally, for over 20 years.

Why our clients love us


Most reputable, state of the art IVF facility in the USA (with over 80% success rates).


All our egg donors are medically and psychologically screened before we match them.


Our affordable financial packages will be tailored to specific and individual needs.


We provide professional and compassionate guidance through highly qualified case managers.


L.A. Egg Donors is LGBT friendly – we believe everyone deserves a family.


Get free access to our online egg donor database – no strings attached.


Our carefully selected egg donors come from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds.


Our experienced team focuses on the intended parents’ overall positive experience.

With compassion and empathy, L.A. Egg Donors has been making many dreams come true when there was little hope.



In conjunction with its sister company, L.A. Surrogacy, over 1500 babies have been born with the help of an egg donor.

Parenthood is a wonderful destination, we are thrilled and honored to be part of such rewarding journeys each and every day.

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